My Testimonials

It was a great experience with Cynthia to be my agent and helped me to locate and purchase my first home. She is sincere and responsive. Even after the purchase, during this 1-year plus, whenever I need some help or advises regarding my home, she will gladly reply to me and provides information that I need. I have heard many agents go hiatus/MIA after the purchase. Thank you Cynthia for helping me to locate such a nice place. Joyce, Satisfied Buyer of Stars of Kovan
I was planning to get a property. After some clear ideas of what I want, I look up for Cynthia who is my Primary School friend. Even though we knew each other for such a long time, she does her job professionally. Told me what to look out for and her advice on certain things that I am unsure about. Honest with her opinions is her biggest strength. She didnt push for the sale and is very patient. (Cos I question alot.) Highly recommended! Shuan, Satisfied Buyer of Forest Wood
Yes, of course. I met Cynthia in one of the show room in 5yrs ago. She is a very responsible person who is capable & knowledge about the property market. Whenever we need the service, we just give her a call, she will settle everything for us within a short period of time. I will strongly recommend her service. Alice, Satisfied Buyer & Landlord of Botanique @ Bartley
Cynthia helped me with finding houses and negotiating for ideal prices. cynthia provided great insights about pricing and also the possible upcoming trends. definitely recommend her. Jason, Satified Buyer of 625 Senja Road
In twelve yrs, experienced 5 times of renting house. Cynthia is one of the best, expertised in that matter. Responsive, timely, friendly and trust worthy too. Highly recommended for the rental needs. If happens to buy properties in Singapore, she will be my first contact too. Banyar, Satisfied Tenant of 137 Potong Pasir
It was great dealing with Cynthia during our quest to find a place to live in Singapore. She is a very professional individual with great sense of understanding about our needs and very responsive, transparent as well. I would be more than happy to deal with Cynthia in the future. Indika, Satisfied Tenant of Primo Residences